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    Laura Bankton never considered herself a “crafty” person. And you can’t change an “un-crafty” person into a “crafty” one, or can you? Well, Bankston answers that question with her story.

    “One day, I was standing in the kitchen with my son Nathan. I looked down at his jeans and couldn’t take it any longer. You know how boy’s jeans get – holes through the knees before they even have time to get faded in the wash.

    “So, I took my scissors and cut off the legs to make them into jean shorts – you’ve done that, right? Then I went straight to the trashcan to dispose of the scraps.

    “Nathan nearly had a heart attack. He managed to convince me to give him the scraps, give him some scissors and thread, and let him “craft” away. Imagine my amazement when he turned those scraps into a jean bag complete with Happy Meal box handles. That’s when I realized I needed to figure out how to satisfy his need for crafts.”

    As a result, Bankston has compiled 36 Fun and Easy Crafts on CD. All the crafts fit her guidelines to make things easy for Moms too: easy enough for kids to do mostly by themselves, only requiring a few supplies that are easy to find, have the option to be done by a range of ages, didn’t make a lot of mess, and could be given away as gifts.

    36 Fun and Easy crafts on CD includes the same step-by-step photos Bankston is known for in her Homeschool Cookbook (found at http://www.homeschoolcookbook.com )

    Bankston concludes, “Sure, Nathan seems to have a propensity for art; but even he’s just an everyday, normal kid. And I like my kids to be happy. I love to develop their creativity – especially when it’s no extra work for me!”

    36 Fun and Easy Crafts can be seen online and purchased at http://www.homeschoolinglibrary.com/36easykidscrafts.htm