• Dendrobium Orchid Care

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    Spring is a period of growth and rebirth, however it isn’t just your preferred red rose plants which will be appearing within your garden this year – beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds are often frequent backyard visitors. orchids care

    If you’d prefer glancing out in the garden to look at these majestic creatures, you might consider including some unique plants that will attract more butterflies and hummingbirds on your home’s garden. Not only can these specimens bring new life and color to your existing flora, but they’re also perfect Mother’s Day garden gifts. Here are one of the best varieties.


    According to Parks Wholesale Plants, the lantana is an attractive plant with a variety of lovely pink, red, yellow and white flower options that’s a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds alike. As a possible annual specimen, it won’t have the ability to survive winter months, however the lantana compensates with this by being a really low-maintenance plant that may survive intense heat and drought. cymbidium orchid care


    Butterflies love sweet nectar, so it may come very little surprise that they can flock on the candytuft plant. With its pristine, white flowers in great abundance, this specimen is really a perennial favorite, according to BloomIQ.com. The candytuft typically blooms in mid-spring or early summer, and will not require much care away from regular watering and pruning.


    Great for attracting both butterflies and hummingbirds, althea is often a plant that does best when it can absorb lots of sunshine, reports Birds-N-Garden.com. Featuring single and double flower blooms, the althea is accessible in a variety of colors including white, lavender, blue, pink and deep red, based on NorthwestGardenPlants.com.


    Parks Wholesale Plants highlights that hummingbirds are particularly keen on salvia plants. Provided with red or blue flowers, salvia can also be recognized for its deep green leaves. This specimen is fantastic for its minimal maintenance requirements and skill to face up to summer heat and dry spells easily. orchid care phalaenopsis

    Butterfly Bush

    If the name alone isn’t enough to point this specimen’s great purpose, the beautiful butterfly bush is very effective at attracting its namesake creatures. Also referred to as buddleia, this plant features large purple blooms that protrude outward and create an enticing aroma. The truth is, the fragrant butterfly bush also attracts an extensive swath of other nectar-drinkers – particularly hummingbirds, in line with the news source.