• Color into Black and White

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    Once you have taken numerous pictures with your Nikon D3000 DSLR, and are charging the battery up nicely on its EN-EL5 charger, there might be a number of shots that you simply want to change into black and white. Black and white photographs can really help improve a photo, they evoke certain moods and add an excellent deal of drama. Much more so than colour. Color pictures are great, but you will find many times where a good black and white shot will do much much more justice.


    You will find many means of converting your photo to black and white. Of course you could do that from your camera, but it is rarely a good idea to. Your camera’s on board pc is all nicely and good, but compared to the power on your desktop, you’re much better off letting your Pc do the function.


    So what options do you have for conversion?


    The fundamental most obvious option is to make use of the desaturate command in Photoshop or comparable software. What this does is takes away all the color info and leaves you having a black and white image. Great, eh? Well probably not, the pictures that have been desaturated tend to be fairly flat and therefore quite dull.


    There is a better way. I usually say you should always shoot in Raw format. Your pictures will probably be so much better in the event you shoot within this method. Sure the measurements will probably be bigger, but it’s nicely worthwhile for your results. So as soon as you’ve imported your photos over, merely select the 1 you want and open in the Raw editor.


    You will be offered having a myriad of options, but on one of the tabs you should discover black and white. Right here you will be offered great charge of the way you convert to black and white. Select the choice and your image will probably be turned to black and white. Then you’ll have a number of sliders equating to reds, oranges, blues and so forth. It’s these controls that give you the control more than how your black and white image will appear. You are able to give your photo a real dramatic higher contrast really feel, or perhaps a gentle, flatter and reduce distinction feel. It takes time to get the effect you are following, however the much more you play, the better you’ll get.


    If you don’t shoot in Uncooked, don’t worry as Photoshop has a similar filter to convert to black and white and give you greater control than the desaturate command.


    There are numerous other methods you can convert, but 1 fascinating thing you can do would be to attempt and pick up an inexpensive DSLR from ebay or someplace. Then, discover directions online pertaining to the model of camera you have bought to get rid of its IR blocking filter. Then place a filter that blocks visible light but passes infrared. Your sensor will pick this up, but you will require a reasonably long shutter time (maybe more than a second), to capture the picture. Demo and mistake is extremely essential, but you will finish up with a few distinctive an remarkable black and white infrared shots that very few others will shoot.


    But for the remainder of us utilizing our normal DSLRs just like the Nikon D3000 with its EN-EL5 charger, stick to the over suggestions and you’ll have fantastic searching black and white photos very quickly.